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Accelerated Healing
Pain Reduction
Improved Energy
Reduced Inflammation
Stronger Bones
Enhanced Sleep

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Condition Frequency Condition Frequency Condition Frequency
Melatonin Secretion 

1hzNerve Regeneration2hzOsteogenesis5hz
Cartilage, Nerve pain6hzBone Growth7hz, 8hzLigament healing, Cell Growth, Osteogenic, Collagen production, DNA Synthesis10hz
Decrease skin necrosis, stimulation of angiogenesis and fibroblast proliferation 10hzOsteogenesis20hzSynergistic effect with nerve growth20hz
Inflammation reduction40/116/355hzSynergistic effect with nerve growth, osteogenesis50hzEffect on mitosis and chromosomal aberration in lymphocytes(form of white blood cell in lymphatic system)50hz
Fractures, Pseudoarthrosis (nonunion)10hz/20hzPeriostitis6hzOsteoporosis8/10/15 or 19 Hz
Osteoarthrosis (osteoarthritis)8-12 or 18 HzTendinitis, Tennis or Golf Elbow8hzLigament injuries10-15hz
Frozen shoulder7-8hzDislocations and sprains10hzStrains12-15hz
Herniated disc16-20hz
Rheumatoid arthritis10hz or 20hzFibromyalgia18hz
Musculoskeletal pain10hzOsteonecrosis
10hz, 19-20hzHypertension (high blood pressure)1-5hz
Arrhythmia7-8hzAngina pectoris2-8hzArteriosclerosis, Circulatory dysfunction7-10hz
Poor blood supply (e.g. diabetic foot, ulcer)2-6hz/20hzRaynaud’s syndrome15hzStroke7-10hz, 20hz
Alzheimer's disease2-8hzParkinson’s disease20hzHeadache3hz/6-10hz
Tinnitus10hzSleep disorders1-5hzCarpal tunnel syndrome6hz/20hz
Lumbago10hz/20hzSciatica16-20hzMultiple sclerosis5hz, 13hz, 20hz
Sensitivity to weather fronts11-15hzStress3hz/5hzDepression3hz/20hz

Combining PEMF at Spas for Greater Results

Combine PEMF with Floatation: When PEMF is used in combination with large amounts of magnesium, the pain relief is greater than any drug effect, without the side-effects.
Floatation chamber has 800 pounds of Epson Salts (magnesium) saturated in water. Doing a PEMF therapy before a float is a sure-fire way of reducing pain and stimulating the most profound relaxation response possible. One hour of floating is equivalent to five hours of sleeping in terms of the rejuvenation effect on the brain. We’ve all had the experience of going to sleep with pain, and waking up hours later out of pain. This pain reduction is because we do most of our body’s repair work when we relax and sleep. PEMF augments this effect.

La Casa Spa
New York

Combine PEMF with a Pedi-Detox: The feet have over 4000 pores, and they are the largest pores in the body. Within the fascia, the thin membranous layer located on the bottom of the foot, a large quantity of toxins are stored. For all of these reasons, the feet an ideal place in the body to release toxins. When La Casa’s Pedi-Detox is combined with PEMF, the whole body, through the feet, is detoxified (thus allowing new nourishment to enter). The Pedi-Detox device operates by creating millions of ions, creating “bio-energetically” altered water. These ions, produced and circulating in the water that your feet rest in, enter your body through your feet. Through this “donation” of ions, the body’s energetics are increased, or simply translated, “life-energy” is given to you. And simultaneously, the ions detox the body by attracting toxins to them; the toxins are then able to be released from the body.

La Casa Spa
New York

Combine PEMF with Oxygen Steam Bath: PEMF has FDA approval in the US for specific cancers. When PEMF is combined with an ozone (activated oxygen) steam bath, the PEMF loosens the pathogenic cells; the ozone kills the pathogens. Ozone has been documented to kill every pathogen—viruses, bacteria, parasites, candida, fungus. The sweating from the heated steam cabinet allows the release of toxins from the body. In Europe, where hyperthermia (application of intense heat to the body) is a common treatment for cancer, PEMF is given before each hyperthermia treatment.

Combine PEMF with both Ozone and Colonic: This combination has to be considered one of the most effective way of detoxing the whole body.

Combine PEMF with Ozone, Colonic, Pedi-Detox and Whole Body Vibration: To augment the “jiggle” of the pathogens from the vibration of the cells, adding on the Whole Body Vibration machine before the PEMF strengthens the body’s ability to loosen pathogens. Then, the colonic, the ozone and the Pedi-Detox pull the toxins out of the body. In this case more is more not less. The body feels like it’s gone to heaven and back. A dream come true on the cellular level.

La Casa Spa
New York

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