M3 products are developed for a combination of treatments

Our products are professionally designed and engineered with the highest standards and cutting edge advancements by combining safety and multiple combination frequencies and treatments to deliver desired results.



Our ultimate design with touch screen, clinical functions for hospitals and medical practices.

1)PEMF - Pulse Electromagnetic  Frequency Therapy
2)Erectile Shockwave Therapy 
3)Vibration massage Therapy
4)Infrared Thermo Therapy

(MMM24100 model also included)



This model has our highly sophisticated pulse electromagnetic programming functions with an easy to use interface. The superior quality device was specifically develop with medical practices, clinics, health&wellness, sport centres and old age homes in mind. Very well priced for a professional unit with multiple treatments.
Treatment Functions:


Price: $ 6,956.00



The smaller but robust travel PEMF unit is a flexible and powerful addition to our product list.

Manufactured with a full 3mm aluminum casing and versatile settings, makes this unit suitable for travel.

It will also be the most affordable PEMF unit to allow both households and practitioners to enjoy the benefits of PEMF.

Price: $ 1,420.00

A to Z List of Clinical Studies

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